Travel Assignment 1 - Laurinburg, NC

I have been working in Laurinburg, North Carolina for eleven weeks now on a 13 week assignment at Scotland Memorial Hospital. This is my first travel assignment. I decided to choose this as my first one because I wanted to be close to my family during the holiday season (we are very close) and I wanted to get my feet wet on this travel nurse thing (haha). It’s a very small hospital; only three floors, but everyone that I have met and worked with has been wonderful. I would definitely recommend any first-time travelers or people that are used to that small town feel to work at this facility.




Laurinburg, North Carolina is a very small town on the outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina and near the South Carolina state border. It is in Scotland County. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina so Laurinburg is only a hour and 45 minutes away.




 As a travel nurse, you get a housing stipend weekly that allows you to choose where you want to stay on your assignment. I switched back and forth depending on my work week and my dog, Hugo. The first two weeks I stayed at the Quality Inn. It was okay, but I did not like the fact that you walked outside when you opened your door and I always felt weird about staying there. After that, for another three weeks, I decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Express across the street from the Quality Inn. It was a much better hotel, had better amenities, and I felt a little more comfortable there. I did not really have an issue staying there except the hotel staff were getting complaints about Hugo’s barking so I decided to find another place for us to stay in the meantime.


I finally decided to stay at an Airbnb (not pictured due to safety reasons) with this nice lady and her dog and cat.

Backing up real quick: Airbnb is a website (also an app) that allows people to rent out spaces in their homes or you can have the whole apartment or house for rates that are sometimes cheaper than hotels. The booking process is really easy and you can pay securely with PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. If you want that “at-home” feel, then I definitely recommend getting an Airbnb for your next vacation.

Anyway, I had the whole upstairs to myself and she loved Hugo! I always feel really safe at her house and I never worry about my privacy or anything. When it’s time for me to go back to work, her house was the place that I was going to be. I am able to save a lot more money too by staying with her versus any of the hotels.



 If I am not there for work, I’m really not in Laurinburg very much. All of my friends are in Charlotte and I still have my apartment there so it’s really easy for me to come home on my days off. The hospital did their best to group my days together so I am able to stay in Laurinburg while working and then have a few days off to where I can come home.

So this section is looking pretty weak but oh well! :)

I am almost done with this assignment, then its on to the next one. That location will be revealed in my next blog post. I ask that you all continue to pray for me as I finish out my assignment and complete it successfully.

 Live life, love always, and don’t forget to smile,

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