Lessons, Blessings, Updates, Oh My!

Hey loves!! 

Sorry for the wait but I truly appreciate all of you for sticking by me and still continuing to support Jazzy Travels even during my hiatus. I have truly been working hard at my current contract at Duke University Hospital throughout all of August and I am happy now that I can finally share updates with all of you! 


Working at Duke these past 13 weeks have been great. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to choose a contract close to home. It is located in Durham, NC, so about two hours from Charlotte, NC. I also wanted to be close to my family for personal reasons and because I was moving apartments this summer. I believe I made a great choice and I have learned so much.

I love the 4:1 patient ratio (it is truly a Godsend!) I am so used to having 6-7 patients on nights. There were nights where I felt overwhelmed, overworked, and not having the time to breathe. Here, I feel like I can actually take the time to know and take care of my patients to the best of my ability. Working here has stretched my nursing skills to a greater height. Duke has allowed me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and float to different units as well. I have had the pleasure of meeting new people on each floor and taking care of a wide range of patients, which only broadens my experience as a nurse.


On my home unit, which is a surgical trauma step-down/abdominal transplant unit; I have been working with amazing new grad, first year, and seasoned nurses. (Side note: abdominal transplants include liver and kidney transplants). It is a new unit that stemmed from its two sister units, (mostly focusing on abdominal transplants) , but I really enjoyed working and learning alongside my amazing co-workers. While working on this unit, I continued to build on my surgical patient experience while at the same time learned new things about my abdominal transplant patients. This has truly been a rewarding work experience and I am blessed to have been able to work at an amazing and prestigious facility.

Here are just a few updates that I wanted to share with y’all:


1. I am still working at Duke! : The last day of my contract was supposed to be September 10th (which is the day that this blog post has gone live)! I decided to extend my contract another week, so my last night working will be Sunday, September 16. I just want to make sure that I am financially secure during my time off (I am taking 3 weeks off *fingers crossed*) and for my big trip to Dubai at the end of the month. The beauty about being a travel nurse is that I have the choice to extend my current assignment if a) I like where I am working, b) if it fits in the floor's budget and/or c) if there is a need for travelers on the floor.  


2. I moved into my new apartment in Charlotte, NC: My home base; but now I am living by myself and I LOVE IT. There is nothing like living on your own and I am so happy that I am experiencing it now before I get settled with a husband and family. Yes, with me being a travel nurse, I have to duplicate expenses or I am not eligible to receive my stipends tax-free. But really, I would rather pay more for the peace of mind and I make enough as a travel nurse to where duplicating expenses isn't a problem.


3. Be ready for more blog posts as 2018 continues and a revamp to travelwithjazzy.com : This is a personal goal of mine that I am diligently working on. I will continue to give you all blog posts once or twice a month. With my work schedule, I cannot always post weekly or even biweekly but just know every blog post is FOR YOU. Second, with Jazzy Travels being eight months old, I vow to revamp her site by her first birthday! I have learned so much about myself with blogging about my travels and sharing myself with you all. I want to stay current and make sure I am providing what I need to for all of my readers and supporters.


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P.S, stay tuned for my next blog post about my Dubai trip with my best friend, which will go live sometime in October when I return!

Until next time,  

Live life, love always, and don’t forget to smile,