NOLA, Darling: My Three Day Trip to New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana.

This place has always been on the top of my travel list and I am happy to say that I can finally cross it off my list. It was another girls trip of course. My twin sister, my best friend, and her cousin joined me and the four of us had a really great weekend there! My sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. (ZZZZ-PHI!) had their national conference that week in New Orleans as well. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the conference, but I still wanted to experience NOLA and have a great time. This blog post will flow a little differently; instead of me writing about each day, I am just going to highlight the places I went to and what I thought of each:



When we arrived in NOLA on Friday morning, we decided to eat here for brunch and mimosas. Keya and I got the shrimp and grits and Tay and Nene got the catfish and grits. Our food was so good and the mimosas were amazing! It is a really cute restaurant and really busy, but I would definitely recommend eating here for brunch. 





One of the main sights and right off of Downtown New Orleans. We went here on Friday and Saturday night to explore, take pictures, and hang out. This is where most of the shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs are located. It is a very lit atmosphere (lol) but we had a great time. I even went to the gift shop and PURCHASED (emphasis on purchased haha) beads from this cute gift shop. Bourbon Street is also famous for NOLA’s most strongest drink called...THE HAND GRENADE!




This drink is all you need if you want a lit night! It comes in a tall green cup, plus it is already made and mixed so the bartender just fills it up to the top and gives it to you. The cost is $10 and you are set!! You can purchase these drinks on Bourbon Street at the bar called Tropical Isle. There are two locations on that same street; I understand why because that bar gets packed and that is their #1 selling drink. 



We ate here for brunch on Saturday morning. We got our orders to go so we can stay at our Airbnb and relax until nighttime. I ate at this restaurant in Charlotte so I already knew what to expect but Tay, Keya, and Jeanine really enjoyed the food! It was really delicious and it was just what we needed to relax for part of the day. 




We went to Armstrong Park from a referral by our Lyft driver. This park was inspired by Louis Armstrong and it is a beautiful park of 32 acres and beautiful statues and landmarks. It was right across from the French Quarter so afterwards we decided to walk over there and head to Cafe Du Monde!




This was one of the places that I HAD to go while I was here. They are most famous for their beignets which is basically like a powered doughnut but with a funnel cake taste. It was AMAZING! That was my first time ever having a beignet! The line was wrapped around the building but it moved quickly! I would definitely recommend you to go here if you ever visit NOLA. 




If you want great gumbo, this is the place to go!!! It is a very nice sit-down restaurant in the French Quarter and we came here for food and drinks. It is located in this mall type setting (we had to go through one store to get to it, I completely forgot the name of it ). We wanted to make sure we got some gumbo and end our night right before we left the next day on Sunday. 


 And y’all should know me by now, we definitely stopped at the gift shop to get some goodies before we left to go back to North Carolina!

Just want to end this blog post with some tips that I picked up while visiting New Orleans that may be useful to you when you go visit: 

1. For my ladies: DO NOT BRING HEELS!! NOLA is an exploring type of city. You WILL BE WALKING majority of the time. NOLA is not the place for heels and being extra. It’s THE city to enjoy yourself, have fun, and soak in every moment. 

2. For my lightweights: STICK TO THE HAND GRENADE!! The Hand Grenade is NOLA’s strongest drink. All you need is ONE of those and you are good for the day, night, whatever. Don’t try to be cool and add more drinks to your list. You’ll be just fine with that one tall drink (lol).

3. For everyone: CARRY LIGHT WHEN YOU ARE OUT ON THE TOWN!! Pick pocketing is real, please please be careful with what you carry on your person. Ladies, I suggest carrying a fanny pack or using your pockets. Guys, use your pockets like normal but just be careful with how much you have on you. CARRY CASH! Don’t even think to bring your debit/credit card; a lot of the places on Bourbon St only take cash.

4. HAVE FUN!! EXPLORE!! If I could go back, I really wish I would have explored more while we were there. We just wasn’t there long enough to do so but we all decided to go back again and for longer :)

SPECIAL THANKS TO STACY FOR LETTING US STAY AT HER AIRBNB!! Our accommodations were everything and more! A really cute and homey two bedroom, one bathroom condo 7 mins from the French Quarter! Perfect for 6 people max and at a great price! I am going to leave the link to her Airbnb so if you decide to visit New Orleans, this is the place to stay! —->>> 

One more thing, if you want a visual on how much fun we had in NOLA, check out my best friend Taylon’s 2 - part vlog titled “Was That Really A Hurricane???” !! Click here to indulge! —>>

Until next time! 

Live life, love always, and don’t forget to smile :)